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History of the Black Attorney – Part 3


The History of the Black Attorney is divided into three parts:

  1. Part 1 outlines various publications concerning Black legal history.
  2. Part 2 contains a list of significant black attorneys on a national scale.
  3. Part 3 is a list of names of successful black attorneys, both local and international.

* Our failure to include any name herein is, in fact, a result of the inherently impossible challenge to include all deserving names. There are, in fact, more names than be reasonably placed on this page. Unfortunately, time and prudence does not allow us to account for every successful lawyer of African American descent. Several upstanding examples can be seen in your serving your local legal community. From the Prosecutor or District Attorney, to the Defense Counsel, Civil Litigator, City Council Member, Non-Profit Director, School Superintendent, Municipal Court Judge, Circuit Court Judge, Administrative Law Judge, JAG Corp. Officer, etc., etc., etc. In honor of those individuals, we have instead elected to create a listing of other prominent Black Attorneys.

A Listing of Successful African-American Attorneys
An Attempt at the Impossible:

| Thurgood Marshall | Charles Hamilton Houston | William Hastie | Marian Wright Edelman | Johnnie Cochran | John Mercer Langston | Leroy Hassell | A. Leon Higginbotham | Constance Baker Motley | Spottswood W. Robinson III | George Ruffin | Conrad Harper | William T. Coleman | Deval L. Patrick | Derrick A. Bell | Vernon Jordan | Drew Days III | Charlotte E. Ray | Dennis Archer | Damon J. Keith |Wade McCree | Willie Gary | Sharon S. Barner | Phillip Hamton | Kurt Smoke | Patrick Swygert | Clarence Thomas | Deborah A. Batts | Norma L. Holloway Johnson | Martin Robinson Delany | Edith S. Sampson | Kurt Schmoke | Togo D. West, Jr. | Elaine R. Jones | Archibald Henry Grimke | James Weldon Johnson | Marian Wright Edelman | Carol Mosely-Braun | Maynard Holbrook Jackson, Jr. | John Conyers, Jr. | Drew S. Days, III | Evelyn Williams | Robert T. Johnson | H. Patrick Swygert | Clarence Thomas | Mike Espy | Percy E. Sutton | Christopher Darden | Dennis Archer | Iyanla Vanzant | Anita Hill | Edward W. Brooke | Charles Eldridge Freeman | Conrad Mallett, Jr. | Joyce London Alexander | Leroy C. Richie | Ron Kirk | Steven Hawkins | William Banks | Harold Washington | Mary Frances Berry | Charles Waddell Chesnutt | Sheila Jackson Lee | Rodney E. Slater | Patricia Roberts Harris | Amalya Lyle Kearse | Gabrielle Kirk McDonald | James Parsons | Jane Bolin | George W. Crockett, Jr. | Ronald H. Brown | Floyd B. McKissick | Benjamin Lawson Hooks | Clifford L. Alexander, Jr. | Derrick A. Bell, Jr. | Paul Robeson | Randall Robinson | James Dickson Carr | Yvonne Braithwaite Burke | Star Jones | Hazel O’Leary | Marc Morial | John Scott | James M. Nabrit, Jr. | Frank D. Reeves | Louis L. Redding | U. Simpson Tate | George E. C. Hayes | Jack Greenberg | Eva Clayton | Melvin L. Watt | Vivian Creighton Bishop | Sanford D. Bishop, Jr. | Cynthia McKinney | Cleo C. Fields | Corrine Brown | Sheila Jackson Lee |

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