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Northern virginia black attorneys association


CLE - Personal Injury Practice 101

  • May 27, 2021
  • 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM
  • Zoom Meeting


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NOVABAA is honored to have one of its own, Chidi James, to present a primer CLE on the basics of personal injury case basics.  This CLE is aimed at those attorneys who practice in other areas and find themselves in the position of taking on a personal injury case either because they're exploring this area of practice, or are helping out a family member.  This CLE will teach you the do's and don'ts of the garden variety fender bender and the pitfalls to avoid.

Personal Injury Practice 101

Chidi R. James, Esq.

So your cousin Junebug was rear-ended and of course, he knows your a hot-shot northern Virginia attorney, so of course he calls you.  Only problem is, you work in patent/criminal/estate planning/employment law/(insert any non personal injury related field of practice here).  You delicately convey your deep-felt concern, but assure him that although you would LOVE to help him, since you have never practiced in P.I. before, now would not be a good time to start.  He seemed to agree, and  you got off the phone, thinking the matter settled.  Except . . . Junie done ran and snitched to "the feds", and now MeMaw's on your line wanting to know why you can't help your cousin old Junie out this one time, since you're a hot shot NoVA lawyer.

Do yourself, Junie, and MeMaw a favor and come learn a little bit about personal injury cases, so you can be better prepared for when you get that call!

northern virginia black attorneys association


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