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Northern virginia black attorneys association


NOVABAA Group Discount from Westlaw

  • June 10, 2021
  • 6:00 PM - 7:00 PM
  • Northern Virginia


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  • NOVABAA Group Discount for Westlaw Products

    NOVABAA is pleased to announce that it has obtained a group discount for its members with Thomson Reuters for select Westlaw products!   The discount will be 25% off of their promotional rates.  The cost of the promotional plans are dependent on the size of the firm (number of attorneys), and products / services desired.  If you are interested in learning more, and obtaining more information, please RSVP to participate in a virtual meeting with the Senior Account Executive for Virginia, who will be able to answer all of your questions.  

    Here is a message from them describing Westlaw's products and services:

    Westlaw Edge is our newest system and was recently adopted by ALL Virginia State Courts and All Federal Courts.  In fact, it the official provider for all 50 states.  We have improved the interface by adding additional features for efficiency and confidence.  Some of which include our Keycite Overruling Risk, Litigation Analytics, Statute/Regulation Comparator & Quick Check.  With Keycite Overrulling Risk, you can be confident you are citing good law with the only citator that warns when a point of law in a case has been implicitly undermined.  This is based on its reliance on an overruled, or otherwise invalid prior decision.  You can leverage state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence (AI) to identify bad law that has no direct citations pointing to its invalidity.  This will help you to avoid the need to manually review each case to determine if it cites an overruled point of law.  You can easily get information on the overruling and overruled cases.

    Another way we are leveraging AI is by offering research suggestions as you type your query.  It will auto populate any related search so that you don’t have to spend so much time coming up with the best way to phrase your question.  It will then give you the direct answer so you that you can know immediately whether there is a legal issue to debate.  This will save you time and help to manage client expectations.

    Speaking of managing client expectations, Litigation Analytics allows you to view legal trends from other firms, attorneys & judges.  This will help you to better prepare for upcoming cases by seeing what has been done in the past.  You can see how long a judge takes to rule on certain issues or even see the filings that were granted or denied by Judge and Jurisdiction.  This takes the guessing out of the equation so that practicing law becomes more of a science.  It also allows you to view what other attorneys have done in the past too so that you can build a better argument. 

    The Statute/ Regulation Comparator will allow you to view historical versions of the same statute or regulation and easily identify any changes.  There will be a line drawn through the old text, while we highlight the new text of the statute/reg.  We also provide live links to the legislation responsible for the change.  What once took hours to evaluate, will only take a few minutes now.

    Quick Check will allow you to upload your documents, or opposing counsel’s to check the strength of the argument.  It will cite check your supporting authority and make recommendations for better options based on court level or cases that are cited to more often.  It will also allow you to poke holes in opposing counsel’s argument.  This is another way that we are using Artificial Intelligence to drive confidence… 

    Public record access is also important for law firms and we are the recognized premier provider. We have contracts with agencies across the country, as well as all of the credit reporting companies and an exclusive LIVE FEED from Experian. While no aggregator of public record information is perfect, ours is the most current, accurate and comprehensive information out there.  This is why the FBI and many other law enforcement agencies choose to use PeopleMap for one of their investigative tools.  In fact, we have contracts with the whole Department of Justice.  National public records can locate people, assets, utilities, real property, DMV, liens, judgments, criminal, credit header reports, and more.  The great thing about Public Records is that it can be fully cost recoverable. You simply add a paragraph to your fee agreement that states that the firm charges $200 per client for investigative reports.  I taught many firms to do this, and they have no problem collecting this fee.

    Finally, Practical Law can reduce non-billable hours by getting up to speed fast.  Use editable templates written by experienced attorneys.  It’s like having knowledge from a 400-person firm in one frequently updated, always available resource.

    • Practice Notes: Save hours of research using current, clear how-to guidance on the law.
    • Contracts and Agreements: Download up-to-date legal document templates and edit them in Microsoft® Word.
    • Checklists: Simplify processes with easy-to-use checklists, flowcharts, and timelines
    • Toolkits: Summaries, templates, articles, and explanations of specific legal topics all in one place. Stop searching and spend more time growing your practice.
    • Automated Documents: Improve accuracy and speed. Automate legal document drafts with Contract Express.
    • Matter Maps: Make it easy for clients and colleagues to understand work phases and core tasks.

      Per our conversation, I have partnered with many organizations thoughout the years.  It’s always nice to work with other legal professionals to help them achieve their goals.  I would be happy to offer NOVABAA a 25% discount on top of our promotional pricing.  This would allow your members to have the tools and resources they need to navigate through our new legal world.  I would also be happy to schedule a virtual or on-site meeting with you and your peers to demonstrate the power of our products and the value they bring to the table.  I can also answer any questions attendees might have about the functionality and content available with our systems.  Please let me know a good time to schedule this meeting.  I appreciate the opportunity to partner with NOVABAA and look forward to further discussions.  Please let me know if you have any questions.  Thank you!

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